Design/Completion 1969-1970

Acapulco, Mexico

Dusco Corporation

4,200 m 2 28 holiday apartments

Concrete structure

The climate in the seaside resort town of Acapulco is tropical, buildings are usually white and there is an exuberance in the character of many new structures. Labour is inexpensive, which allows architects to employ methods and forms not normally possible in high labour cost countries. Specially constructed timber formwork for expressive concrete profiles (due to earthquake resistance) is readily possible.

The 14 storey structure is located back from the beach with a large golf course between, which forms a landscaped foreground.

Although of regular layout and structure, the use of quadrant and elliptical free form elements adds a deliberate sense of flamboyance to an otherwise rectilinear building. There are two apartments per floor and a whole floor penthouse with its own swimming pool at the top floor.

The exterior is finished in rough, throw- on, white render, typical for many Mexican buildings. The floor of the open ground level is covered with interlocking terracotta tiles which were handmade by local artisans. Floors throughout the rest of the building are of terrazzo.