Design/Completion 1979-1982

Kooralbyn, Queensland

AGC Investments

55 holiday houses, each 93 m 2

White concrete masonry walls, Roman Pantile roofs

This resort village is located in a beautiful valley with a number of lakes. The climate and topography is more related to the ancient hill towns of Italy and Spain rather than modern suburbia.

Just as in many of these charming European examples, the site is sloping and offers fine views downhill to the golf course, the lakes and slopes on the opposite side of the valley. The housing units are in pairs and groups, varying and avoiding rigid regularity by changing the form, aspect and relationships into continuous soft curves following the irregular contours.
The houses are similar, using identical structural and manufactured elements. They incorporate only minor variations of layout, with occasional opposing roof slopes. Due to the steep slope, the units are arranged on two levels. Approach is from the top, accommodating the bedrooms. These are planned to allow for the possible needs of separate holiday occupancy of each main bedroom. A stair leads down to the living areas. Vertical space results inside each unit with upper level bedrooms becoming open mezzanines in the high living rooms.

The focal point of the group is a recreational ‘village centre’ with a swimming pool, terraces, barbecues and sheltered as well as trellised areas for relaxation.