Design/Completion 1993-1998

Vienna, Austria

City Government of Vienna

115,000 m 2

Concrete structures

  • RAIA Special Jury Award, 2000

Commissioned by the City Government of Vienna, this subsidised social housing community follows the city’s building tradition dating back to the 1920’s. It is built along the Danube on a structure spanning up to 27 metres across an eight lane expressway.

The housing blocks are placed diagonally over the covering, thereby distributing their load and affording virtually all of the 850 apartments a water view from their living rooms and balconies. View corridors are planned through the scheme to benefit the existing three residential towers further inland. The buildings step down toward the river, creating roof top terrace apartments. Ground floor units have wall- enclosed private gardens especially suited to families with small children. Most of the apartments are 75 m2 two bedroom units. Three bedroom apartments are 90 m2, one bedroom units 54 m2 and rooftop terrace apartments 130 m2.

Typical apartments are grouped three and four to an elevator-stair core.

A triangular shaped part-office, part- residential, 100 metre high tower is planned on land behind the expressway covering, surrounded by a treed plaza, with fountains, a shopping centre, a large community multi-purpose hall and an entertainment centre. Two of the tower’s wings extend upward above the office levels to ensure water views for its occupants toward the river and the still waters of the Kaiserwasser lake inland, beyond the site.