Design/Completion 1961-1967


Lend Lease Corporation

65,000 m 2

Concrete structure with quartz faced precast facade

  • AIA The National Enduring Architecture Award, 2012
  • AIA (NSW) Enduring State Architecture Award, 2012
  • Sir John Sulman Medal, RAIA, 1967
  • RAIA Civic Design Award, 1967

Replacing a city block of 30 different amalgamated old properties, this is Sydney’s first tall office tower built due to the foresight and energetic enterprise of the Dutch immigrant developer, G.J. Dusseldorp.

The 50 storey circular tower occupies only 25% of the site with a total floor space of 12 times the site area. The remainder of the city block was given over to the public; newly gained useable outdoor space, with trees, a fountain and outdoor restaurants.

Curved screen walls that are raised, separate the space visually and physically from traffic and parked cars in the surrounding streets. It is an area for people to linger and relax, attracting large lunchtime crowds.