Design/Completion 1987-1991

Perth, Western Australia

Interstruct Ltd

75,000 m 2

Concrete structure, granite facade

  • RAIA Architecture Design Award, 1992
  • RAIA Commendation, Civic Design Award, 1992
  • RAIA Commercial Architecture Award, 1992

The 40 storey tower is shaped to maximise the panoramic views toward the Swan River for most of the 1,600 m 2 typical floors.

On the north, protected from prevailing winds, an open urban space was created on two levels, centred on a circular opening, which is surrounded by restaurants and shops. Tables and chairs for outdoor eating are placed under tall palm trees facing the area’s focal point – a cascading waterfall originating from a pond in the upper plaza and flowing into a shallow pool from the base of the waterfall into the centre of the circle. External sunshading is applied to the glass-walled tower.

The two longest facades face to the south-east and south-west, receiving the early morning and late afternoon sun’s rays. In addition to fixed horizontal shades, angled vertical blades were introduced to protect the glass walls from low sun angle penetration.

A broad suspended glazed canopy stretches across some 50 m of the tower’s entrance frontage.