Design/Completion 1999-2000

Perth, Western Australia


4,500 m 2

Concrete Structure, steel-framed roof

  • RAIA (WA) Commercial Award, 2001

This showroom-pavilion is attached to the front of an existing stone processing factory, and is intended to display a multitude of architectural uses of all varieties of natural stone.

Between the largely solid side walls of the pavilion, the undulating curvilinear metal roof form joins the high space of the main display area at the front with the three stepping levels of management, administrative and service areas attached to the factory at the rear.
The focal point of the landscaped entrance courtyard is a fountain made of an assembly of freestanding differing coloured granite slabs evoking a sculptural play of space between them.

Polished granite slabs cover all floors including the adjacent visitors’ parking area. A most exotic use of Onyx stone is in the washroom walls where floor to ceiling height slabs demonstrate the translucent quality of that material. Freestanding basins are carved out of granite slabs. The pivoted double doors leading to the upper floor boardroom are of solid stone, as are virtually all external surfaces of office desks, including drawer and cupboard fronts.